Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have slipped, fallen, and injured yourself on commercial property such as a grocery, retail store, or business, you may be due compensation for the injuries that you have sustained. However, just how do you prove a slip and fall case, particularly if no one was around to witness what happened? There are many thousands of such cases won every year either in court or through settlement where just compensation to cover treatment for injuries, include any rehabilitation and lost wages were received. However, to maximize your chances of getting the compensation deserved from your slip and fall accident you must do the following to prove your case.

Report the Accident Immediately

While you may be embarrassed about falling, you need to overcome that feeling to report what happened immediately to the owner or management of the store. If you have been injured seriously enough to call for an ambulance, then such an event will be properly recorded. However, if you are still mobile and just need minor treatment, you still will need to inform the management of what occurred.


Document the Accident

Using your smartphone or cell phone camera, take picture of the area where the accident occurred. If it was a place with liquid on the floor or something out of the ordinary, be sure that you fully document what happened which should include witness statements. You will need this evidence in the future to prove your case of negligence against the company.

Negligence is when someone or some entity fails to do everything reasonable to make an area safe for traversing in the case of slip and fall accidents. A water spill that was left untreated, no signs warning of danger posted, or areas that presented a hazard that were not addressed are examples of negligence.

You may be given some forms or directions of the company’s procedure of what to do, so you will need to gather that information. Before you act, you will need to take another step.

Seek Out an Attorney

Even if you are offered compensation immediately, it pays to seek out the services of an attorney. Your initial conversation will be a free one as they listen to what you experienced and advise you on how their services will help you get just compensation for what occurred.

The next step will usually be filing a claim against the responsible entity or their insurance company with the documentation that you have gathered. This will include the evidence you have gathered with photos and contact information of any witnesses. Plus, all the bills associated with the treatment of your injuries and evaluations by physicians to any future treatments.

Court Case or Settlement

Once you have an attorney by your side, they will take the appropriate action to get you due compensation. This may require going to court, but in most cases, it will end in settlement which means that you may receive your compensation without having to proceed with a full court case.

There are no guarantees, but having an attorney will help you considerably when it comes to proving your slip and fall case.

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