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Accidents involving large commercial trucks often result in catastrophic injuries for the victims because of the massive force that is exerted on the other vehicle in such a collision. According to the NHTSA figures, while commercial trucks only comprise about three percent of all vehicles on the road, they account for more than 12 percent of all fatal road accidents.

What Causes So Many Truck Accidents in Boston?

Commercial truck crashes may occur due to a number of reasons. Our experienced Boston truck accident attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC will carry out a detailed independent investigation to determine the cause of a truck accident and collect evidence to establish that your injuries occurred due to the truck driver’s negligence. We will also review the policies and procedures followed by the trucking company to assess whether they violated any rules. 

Overworked Commercial Truck Drivers

Any road accident that causes damage or injury must be reported to the police. This is a necessary step to provide an official account of what occurred to cause the accident. The officer in charge will take down the information from all parties involved in a non-injury accident and help determine who was at fault. The authorities will take down your version of events. It is important to be truthful and to use language that best represents what you believed happened.

Distracted, Reckless or Drunk Driving

If a trucker is tailgating or is otherwise distracted or driving dangerously, it puts other drivers on the road at risk. Poorly trained truck drivers or those who do not have the license to operate a large commercial vehicle are more likely to indulge in reckless driving. Driving under influence (DUI) is another key cause of major truck crashes.

With our knowledgeable Boston personal injury attorneys on your side, you are in a strong position to hold the negligent driver, the trucking company, or another party liable for contributing to your injuries in a truck accident.

Overloaded or Poorly Maintained Truck

A large, lumbering 18-wheeler truck is anyway very heavy and difficult to handle. The length of the vehicle also results in some blind spots in the rear and sides. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a loaded tractor-trailer could take up to 40 percent additional distance than a car to stop after braking. 

This gap increases when the truck is overloaded or the truck’s brakes are not in good shape. Overloaded trucks also have a higher risk of tire blowouts, which can cause the vehicle to swerve. Failure to replace worn tires or carry out timely maintenance and repairs can also result in a tire blowout or vehicle failure, increasing the risk of accidents. 

Choose the skilled and competent Boston truck accident attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC who know the federal as well as Massachusetts laws related to the trucking industry. We will thoroughly investigate the causes of the truck crash and build a robust case to obtain maximum damages for you from the responsible parties.

Role of the Insurer in Trucking Accidents

Your truck accident personal injury case is likely to be more complicated than a typical car accident and might involve more than one insurance company. Truck accidents usually have a lot at stake for trucking companies because of the high incidence of catastrophic injuries. Therefore, the trucking company may have coverage from multiple insurers. 

The insurers will use their maximum legal resources, including an aggressive team of attorneys, adjusters, and investigators, and will work with a goal to minimize their damages they are required to pay to you. If you or one of your loved ones has suffered injuries in a truck crash in Boston, you should be conscious about protecting your interests rather than letting the insurers determine the course of your case.

With the capable legal representation from a dedicated Boston personal injury attorney at Shapiro Law Group, PC, you will be on an equal footing with the insurance company. That is the only way to make them recognize their responsibility and motivate them to make a fair settlement.

Serious Injuries Caused in Truck Crashes

It is important to know that a large commercial truck, when fully loaded, could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. So, you can imagine the potential consequences when it makes an impact at high speeds with a car/truck that may weigh only about 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. 

This is why truck crash victims in Boston in many cases suffer from life-changing injuries, such as head or brain injury, spinal injury, neck or back injury, internal organ rupture, amputation, neurological damage, multiple fractures, severe burns, disfigurement, or even death. Speak to an experienced Boston truck accident attorney from our legal team at Shapiro Law Group, PC to obtain the right advice for your case.

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