Gennadiy Shapiro, Chief Financial Officer

Gennadiy Shapiro

Gennadiy Shapiro

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Gennadiy Shapiro

Chief Financial Officer

Education and Experience

Being a small business owner from September 2002 gave Gennadiy an opportunity to understand how to successfully start and operate any business, whether it be a small dry cleaning company, or a law firm like Shapiro Law Group, PC. Also working as a Property Manager, Gennadiy has developed and practiced his management skills, as well as financial reporting skills and was able to run a business on his own. All of Gennadiy’s prior experiences, duties and responsibilities gave him the practice that he needed to become the Chief Financial Officer at our Firm, Shapiro Law Group, PC.

Personal LIFE

In his spare time, Gennadiy enjoys golfing and spending time with his family, including his wife Anna, his two daughters, Maya and Kira, and the family dog, Nickie. Gennadiy is also fluent in Russian.

An SLG Core Value: Personal Touch

Owning my own business and being an attorney is actually my passion, as I absolutely love what I do. The most important thing that I always tell all of our clients is that all of our attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC take every case on a very personal level, and that we really feel and understand what our clients are going through, as we believe in every case that we take. We are a small firm, which gives us a great opportunity to give personal attention, support, and compassion to all our clients. Our goal is to advise and help our clients for life.”